Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Breaking: Liberal campaign manager's plea to the party

Its time running out for the BC Liberals?

Central campaign manager Mike McDonald sent out the memo below just after 5 p.m. to party faithful, claiming voter turnout is low. 

But I am told McDonald is tossing a Hail Mary and hoping someone, anyone, will be in the red zone to catch it. A source tells me that the part of the email claiming the election is close is not accurate. Liberal internal polling indicates the party could have as few as 17 MLAs by the end of the night.

The Liberals are not getting out the vote like they wanted, which is one reason why several high-profile candidates, including Mike de Jong, Suzanne Anton, Darryl Plecas, Peter Fassbender and Richard Lee, were Tweeting earlier today and contravening Elections BC's ban on election day advertising. They eventually stopped and deleted their Tweets. But not before dozens of Twitter users notified Elections BC. 

There's still time: let's win this!
14 May 2013 17:05:43 -0700

Dear BC Liberal members,
I'm sending this as we head into the final three hours of voting for the most important provincial election in a generation. Premier Christy Clark and our outstanding team of candidates need your active support tonight.
Overall voter turnout is still pretty low as of 5pm so we will gain the edge by continuing to turn out our vote.
Let's pull out all the stops!
1. If you haven't already, please VOTE as soon as possible. Click here for voting locations.
2. Phone, knock on doors, email, Facebook, Tweet... let everyone know they must vote by 8pm PT.
3. Think about people you know around the province. We need to pull votes in the North, the Cariboo, the Thompson-Okanagan, the Kootenays, Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island. Do what you can to make sure your network is voting wherever they live.
Few expected this election would be this close ... let alone the Opposition.
Now, it's our chance to keep BC's economy on the right track.
Please make that extra effort tonight. Collectively, it will make the difference.
Let's take charge of our future and make this happen.
Thank you for your support,
Mike McDonald
Campaign Director


  1. Bob--

    So you reckon that even as late as Tuesday afternoon that the BCL braintrust themselves didn't know what was coming?