Saturday, August 8, 2009

Souvenir of Beijing, your marching order

One year ago today... at the moment I write, actually... the Beijing Summer Olympics' opening ceremony was on in the Bird's Nest.

The world was watching the biggest, most controversial event ever staged on this planet.

The opening ceremony was a stunning feast for the senses for those of us lucky to be there on Aug. 8, 2008. "Ba-ba, er-ling-ling-ba" as they say in Mandarin.

The four-hour-plus show was so long because of the march of athletes. It began with Greece and ended with China. Always the originator first and the host nation last. Two-hundred-four teams, to be exact. Canada was 63rd, based on its Mandarin pronunciation: "jia-na-da."

Japan was followed by Taiwan (which marches and competes at Olympics under the monicker "Chinese Taipei) and then the Central African Republic and Hong Kong.

Download your own official list.

Beijing 2008 opening ceremony athletes' marching order.

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