Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Graham cracks up security conference

Nobody will ever attempt a citizens' arrest of Victoria Police chief Jamie Graham on charges of being boring.

The oft-outspoken top cop of the land of the newlywed and nearly-dead was at it again Nov. 30 at the 12th Vancouver International Security Conference. The theme of the two-day get-together at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel was preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is, after all, the biggest peacetime security operation in Canadian history and the most expensive at $900 million.

Graham revealed policing cost-overruns for the Oct. 30 launch of the Canadian leg of the Olympic torch relay and injuries to motorcycle cops. He shocked the crowd when he disclosed that an undercover police officer was at the wheel of a bus carrying anti-Olympic protesters from the Lower Mainland.

Members of the Olympic Resistance Network that I have contacted are shocked speechless after being infiltrated. They're planning to meet Wednesday night to consider their next move.

Listen here.

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