Friday, July 16, 2010

Bend over B.C.!

An innovative anti-HST protest on Canada Day involved the Pemberton inukshuk. Click to enlarge (the Whistler Question photo, not the inukshuk).

The July 15 edition of the Whistler Question includes a fine column by one of British Columbia's best journalists, Sean Holman. But Mr. Public Eye, the answers to the Sudoku puzzle and everything else on page 15 are second fiddle to the photo.

I mean The Photo.

An opponent of the unpopular harmonized sales tax affixed a larger than life appendage to the larger than life replica of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics' logo that reads "Bend Over B.C."

The opponent did so on the very day HST collection began. Many have called Premier Gordon Campbell and finance/Olympics minister Colin Hansen liars deserving Pinocchio noses after they said "no HST" during the 2009 election and then introduced it two months later.

At least one person did the math and understands that Olympic host province B.C. is now paying for the $6.5 billion party with the HST. Why? Because of that nasty word that begins with O.


Click the photo to enlarge. If you can't read the cutline, here it is:

Phallic protest: Someone who was obviously no fan of the harmonized sales tax (HST) decided to make a statement by altering the inukshuk outside the Pemberton Visitor Centre on July 1, the day the new tax took effect. The message on the other side of the… um, thing said, "Here comes the HST." The alteration was erected and prematurely removed early in the morning.

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