Thursday, February 3, 2011

VANOC communication breakdown

The response from ex-VANOC employees that I have been in touch with has been common.

None expressed bitterness about the cancellation of the final instalment of the promised bonuses for fulfilling all work requirements. (Read more here about the surprise memo and the unanswered questions about the multi-million-dollar VANOC trust fund).

All, however, are a tad miffed that they didn't get the Jan. 6, 2011 bad news memo. They reasonably believe that what remains of VANOC is in possession of their current email address. For example, they received information about CEO John Furlong's upcoming memoir, Patriot Hearts.

This is what Renee Smith-Valade, who was the vice-president of communications, said in response to my question about the process of disseminating that Jan. 6, 2011 memo:

"As many employees as possible were informed of the change to the retention plan. The vast majority were aware well before the Games ended and John's memo served as confirmation. As you might imagine, not everyone left forwarding contact information so it may be that they did not get John's e-mail.

"There was a request in the memo to forward it on to colleagues as much as possible and to encourage those who wanted to leave accurate forwarding addresses to contact VANOC at a specified e-mail address."

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