Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Contest: Rename the B.C. Liberal Party

Fresh from two by-election losses on April 19 amid the continuing unpopularity of Premier Christy Clark, the B.C. Liberal Party is desperately searching for a way to prolong its grasp on power in British Columbia.

Meanwhile NDP leader Adrian Dix positions himself as Premier-in-waiting and Conservative leader John Cummins could become leader of the opposition.
Some Liberal strategists are trying to convince themselves that the problem is not their leader, but on their label. They're pondering a name change, which can be a risky proposition. There have been many failures in the high-stakes world of rebranding.

Should they co-opt the old Social Credit name to rejuvenate the free enterprise coalition? Should they call it the Pacific Dogwood Party, after the provincial flower? Or just simply call the whole thing "Gordon," for the first names of ex-leaders Gordon Gibson, Gordon Wilson and Gordon Campbell? (Maybe they could adopt the red, white and blue ball icon from the Barenaked Ladies' "Gordon" album as a symbol of the liberal/conservative coalition?)

What do you think? What should be the new name for the B.C. Liberal Party?

The best, most creative suggestion for a monicker makeover wins a personalized copy of my new e-book, Red Mittens & Red Ink: The Vancouver Olympics. Deadline is noon PDT on May 12.

The winner will be announced May 14, which is, coincidentally, the one-year countdown to the next scheduled provincial election.

Vote early, vote often. Comments accepted below or via email to 2010goldrush (at) Be tasteful and stay classy, please.


Grant G said...

Here`s one Mr. Mackin...

"Job Seeker Party"

And in French.

"partie demandeur d'emploi."

And one more.

"Public Trough Party"

And in French

"Parti fosse publique"

Good Day

Anonymous said...

How about the BC Republicans?

kootcoot said...

I would enter your contest, but I would have to use obscene words, so I'll pass. Although without cursing, BC ReThugs sounds kinda good! I must admit though, I wash my grandkid's mouth out with soap if they say Republican or Santorum.

ron wilton said...

'LIEBERAL' would be too easy even though most appropriate.

'WANNABEES' as in Harper wannabee, or Corporate wannabee,...

'REPUGNANT'party of BC

'SOCIOPATHIC' party...

Norm Farrell said...

My nomination:

Christy Clark's Corporate Cartel Coalition.

Jennifer Woodroff said...

Social Deficit Party

Deformed Party of BC

Crispy's Critters

Colin E said...

How about:

"Net Zero for you - whatever I want for me Party"

or the famous rebranding disaster of Coke years ago:

"The BC Liberal Classic Party"

Unknown said...

"Who cares"


"The Party Formerly Known as Government."

Unknown said...

Social Credit Alliance Liberal Party...or SCALP.

Andy Jukes said...

@Unknown wins for “The Party Formerly Known as Government.”

Kimball Finigan said...

I suggest: Republican Party

Eric Doherty said...

BC 1% Party

ImRnBee said...

@1800GOTJUKVan submits the following entries:

Liberally Conservative Party

Right On! Party

Big Cons Party aka B. C. Party

FiIGHT for the RIGHT 2 Party

That's all I got.

PS: give us a follow on twitter. We're the home of the world famous #GotJUNKoftheDAY.

crussellsprout said...

How about the Friends In Business Buying Economic Reign (FIBBER) party -- it adds clarity to their guiding principles, while maintaining the familiar connotations they've built with the LIEberal brand we all know and love.


How about The Crooked Asshole Party.

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