Friday, October 5, 2012

Showing the oaths

When she announced her open government policy in July 2011, Premier Christy Clark said she was encouraging public bodies to issue information on a proactive basis.

Is it working? I'd say it isn't. Here's one test. The oaths sworn by members of cabinet and their appointment certificates should be posted publicly the day they are signed. Instead, they are still subject to a Freedom of Information request. Below are the swearing-in certificates I obtained for all members of the B.C. cabinet, including the Premier. 

The appointments were formally made and oaths sworn before Lt. Gov. Steven Point. Look closely at the certificates and you'll notice his first name is incorrectly spelled as "Stephen."

Lt. Gov. Point's first name is spelled Steven on the Office of the Lieutenant Governor website and in an Oct. 1 news release announcing the appointment of his successor, Judith Guichon.

B.C. Cabinet Swearing-In Certificates: Collect the Whole Set!

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