Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Of the Gifted Bloy and Minister "Cadeau"

Photo of MLA Stephanie Cadieux

Photo of MLA Harry BloyIn Business in Vancouver on 12-12-12, I revealed the latest annual public disclosure statements by British Columbia's members of the legislative assembly.

The statements are required under conflict of interest legislation and give a peek into the finances of those who either have a hand in the public purse or are watchdogs of the public purse. I stress the word "peek" because the details are rather slim. But there is enough to discuss, particularly in the gifts category.

When Children and Families Minister Stephanie Cadieux (upper right) went to Premier Christy Clark's annual fundraising dinner for the BC Liberals, a big, multinational pharmaceuticals company paid. Cadieux reported on her form that Hoffmann-La Roche paid for her pair of tickets, worth $700.

Harry Bloy (lower right), Clark's only leadership supporter in caucus, scored a $2,000 package of eight Vancouver Canucks' tickets and a Christmas party from Pacific Western Brewing (makers of, ahem, Scandal Ale). PWB, you may recall, benefitted from a tax break. The company's lobbyists include Patrick Kinsella and Mark Jiles -- who were also working for Exel Logistics in its attempt to privatize the Liquor Distribution Branch.

See the full disclosure statements below for all MLAs, including Pat "Wendy's" Bell and Gordon "Boston Pizza" Hogg.

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