Friday, February 22, 2013

From the files of liquor control

A weekend oddity from the files of the British Columbia government.

On the night before the night before Christmas in 2011, a tipsy hit-and-run driver struck the parked government vehicle of a B.C. Liquor Control and Licensing Branch inspector. 

Damage was estimated at $10,000 to the 2005 green Ford Escape SUV, which was parked legally. A white vehicle driven by a male struck the parked government vehicle around 11:18 p.m. on Dec. 23, 2011. 

In the course of his duties, liquor inspector Jeff Hum must have encountered dozens of people who have been serving or consuming liquor contrary to the good principles of moderation (and the law, too). But he never expected this to happen.

Hum's General Incident and Loss Report said:
“A truck headed northbound on (censored) hit the rear driver's side of the vehicle causing extensive damage, and the vehicle then fled the scene. Witnesses heard the accident and upon going out to see what had happened noted the same vehicle come back to view the damage it had caused. A license plate was obtained and police were notified off the hit and run accident. Police located the vehicle and the driver some time later and the suspect was interviewed and admitted to the accident. Police have charged the suspect with fail to remain at the scene of an accident as well as drive without due care and attention."
The hit and run driver may never have been found, had he not returned to the scene of the crime. 
Kamloops RCMP S. Sgt. Grant Learned said the driver was interviewed approximately two hours after the collision. 

“There were indicators of alcohol consumption on the part of the driver at the time of police contact and interview.  However, there was no evidence to support a charge of Impaired Driving at the time of the collision.”

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