Monday, January 26, 2009

Exclusive: the 2010 Tally

Sixty-percent of the estimated 56,627 Olympic family visitors to Vancouver 2010 could be sponsors, according to a report obtained from Vancouver city hall under Freedom of Information.
The VANOC Transportation Premise Document used data from Salt Lake 2002 and Torino 2006 to estimate 34,000 sponsor personnel and their guests would arrive between Feb. 2-26, 2010. It is the largest of nine client groups listed.
The May 23, 2008 report predates the global economic crisis. VANOC executive vice-president of revenue, marketing and communications Dave Cobb said last week that ticket and hotel spending by sponsors could decline.
Times may be tougher than Cobb will admit. Earlier this month, VANOC's foreign ticketing agent CoSport sold 43,004 tickets in the United States after receiving requests for 160,000-plus tickets. The public pool benefitted from the shift of 15,000 tickets from the sponsor allotment of CoSport's parent company Jet Set Sports.
Translation: Sponsor demand crashed. Consumer demand remains healthy.
Other 2010-bound groups include: athletes (2,750), national Olympic committees (3,307), international federations (510), broadcasters (9,232), press (2,812) and IOC (4,016).
The peak date for arrivals is expected to be "Games Eve" Feb. 11, 2010 with 5,853.
More than a third of the Olympic family -- 21,600 people -- is expected to get outta town on March 1, the day after the Games end.
The report includes the IOC's client priority hierarchy. Athletes and team officials are listed first, followed by:
technical delegates and team officials;
rights-holding broadcasters;
IOC, NOCs and IFs;
marketing partners;

In ninth and last position? Drum roll, please. Residents and local business, general public.
Message to Jon Doe, Jane Q. Public and Joe Sixpack. Feel glad you're not in 10th place.

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