Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exclusive: Too many cooks in 2010 transportation kitchen

Who are the people who are (supposed to be) determining how people will get around town during the 2010 Games?
More than two-dozen people comprise the Olympic and Paralympic Transportation Team. The Games' transportation plan was supposed to have been a done deal more than a year ago. Just like security budgeting, it's taking longer and probably costing more. Methinks it's a case of too many cooks in a kitchen too hot and too small.
If you're a downtown Vancouver merchant or resident or live near a bridge you think might be closed, you might want to look these people up and give them a call or an email and let them know what you think.
Since 2006, the organizers of the London 2012 Summer Olympics have held two open calls for public comment on transportation planning. Vancouver? Zilch. Zero. Nada.
Time is running out. Let your voice be heard. Bellyaching and whining about closed streets and sidewalks in February 2010 will be futile.
Here's the lineup:
Executive board: Terry Wright (VANOC), Doug Kelsey (TransLink), Penny Ballem, Tom Timm (City of Vancouver), Bill Barratt (Resort Municipality of Whistler), John Dyble, Peter Millburn (Ministry of Transportation), Bud Mercer, Al Niedtner (RCMP Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit).
Senior Leadership Team: Irene Kerr (VANOC), Mike Madill (TransLink), Jan Jansen (RMOW), Mike Rattray (RCMP V2010 ISU), Steve New (BC Transit), Jerry Dobrovolny (C of V), Michael Proudfoot (MoT).
Program Integration Team: Sveto Plavsic (VANOC), Sandy Forman (BC Transit).
Program Team: James Campbell (VANOC), Anna Dean, Joy Coronado, Matt Craig (TransLink), Sandy Forman, Jo-Anne Stone (BC Transit), Dale Bracewell (C of V), Brian Barnett (RMOW), Joyce Chang (MoT).

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