Monday, January 12, 2009

Lap of luxury

The most exclusive place to watch the 2010 Winter Olympics? Luxury suites!
Even if you had the money to spend -- and who does during this recession -- you couldn't get one, unless you work for certain governments, aboriginal tribes or official sponsors. 
Page 62 of the Ticket Sales Guide for Government Partners, Four Host First Nations, Contributing Provinces includes the rate sheet below:

B.C. Place Stadium - ceremonies
Types 1-4, capacity 12-18: $63,600-$95,400
Team Suite, capacity 32: $113,600
Balcony or Goal Post, capacity 35: $124,250 
Skybox (70), Gallery Lounge (75) and Club Suite (40): prices to be determined.
(All suites on level 3)

General Motors Place (aka Canada Hockey Place) - hockey
Level 200 private suites, capacity 20: $231,000-$264,000
Level 400 sports lounges, capacity 70: prices to be determined
Level 500 private suites, capacity 18-34: $133,650-$252,450

Pacific Coliseum - figure skating and short-track speedskating
Level 300 private suites, capacity 14: $115,500

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