Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One flu into the VANOC nest

Turns out I was wrong today. Perhaps just premature.

Concord Pacific was not the newest VANOC sponsor. Instead it was Alda Pharmaceuticals which markets hand sanitizer and other products to kill germs. The public company, traded on the TSX Venture Exchange, signed on in the $3 million to $15 million official supplier category, but hasn't reported the precise nature of its deal.

Regardless, expect to see thousands of litres of T36 Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer throughout Vancouver 2010 venues. VANOC and Alda are hoping a little dab'll do ya in the effort to keep H1N1 from ruining 2010.

For Alda, it's an aggressive step forward and a bid to establish a brand by attaching it to the five rings. Like bottled water, most consumers think all hand sanitizer is the same. For VANOC, it's another way to replace the goods, services and dollars missing after Johnson & Johnson declined to extend its contract past the Beijing Games. J&J's product mix included hand sanitizer.

Anyway, I'll have another chance in the next week. Deputy CEO Dave Cobb says one more sponsor deal is waiting in the wings.

Which also reminds me, Helijet president Danny Sitnam told me in the spring that his company was talking with VANOC. Helijet, in its early days, was a sponsor of the Victoria 1994 Commonwealth Games. It even featured mascot Klee Wyck the orca on some of its equipment.

So, let's see if it's Concord Pacific or Helijet.

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