Monday, May 7, 2012

Auditor General getting ex-Solicitor General's help

British Columbia Auditor General John Doyle's efforts to compile a report on government indemnity for government personnel involved in legal proceedings have been frustrated by resistance from the B.C. Liberal government.

John van Dongen, a former Liberal Solicitor General, applied May 7 for intervenor status in Doyle's lawsuit against the government.

Doyle is trying to get to the bottom of the $6 million payoff for Dave Basi and Bob Virk's legal bills in October 2010, which was connected to the abrupt end of a corruption trial. When the trial ended with surprise guilty pleas, various current and former B.C. Liberal politicians and party insiders breathed a sigh of relief. They wouldn't have to testify.

Van Dongen cited the legacy of the B.C. Rail privatization scandal as a central reason for his stunning March 26 resignation from the B.C. Liberal caucus.

The citizens of B.C. have still not been supplied with the promised explanation for how the B.C. Rail privatization was mishandled. Premier Christy Clark -- who was deputy premier when the Crown corporation was effectively sold -- has refused to call a public inquiry.

Through the efforts of Doyle, and now van Dongen, the truth may eventually be told.

2012 05 07 Notice of Application

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