Friday, May 4, 2012

Mischievous Bloy

When Harry Bloy resigned from cabinet on March 15, for leaking an email from a Province reporter to the company of a B.C. Liberal Party supporter, he tried his best to make it look like an honourable departure. He "felt it important" to take responsibility for his actions, according to his resignation letter.

It was either quit or be fired. He simply could not have continued as Minister of State for Multiculturalism.

I obtained, via Freedom of Information, Bloy's three-part oath of office. It includes an oath of confidentiality. The release of a reporter's email to an outsider breached his oath of office.

Interesting to note: the document signed by Bloy and Lt. Gov. Steven Point contains a key error: the first name of the lieutenant governor, the Queen's representative in B.C., is misspelled. The website for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of B.C. indicates Mr. Point's first name is correctly spelled "Steven" -- NOT Stephen, as it appears on Bloy's oath of office.

Harry Bloy's oath of office

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paul said...

The bizarre part is that it takes an FOI to get a cabinet minister's oath of office.

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