Thursday, July 12, 2012

#LiquorLeaks presents NDP's Exel FOI documents

NDP liquor critic Shane Simpson dropped a bombshell July 12 at a Vancouver news conference where the results of a Freedom of Information request by the NDP Caucus were revealed. The 38 pages show the depth and breadth of Exel Logistics' lobbying to privatize the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch. 

The company, which hired BC Liberal-connected lobbyists Mark Jiles and Patrick Kinsella, was not seeking to compete in a tendering process. It wanted to cut a direct, private/public partnership deal. That was part of the strategy mentioned in the "Project Last Spike" Exel internal memo of Oct. 6, 2009. Plan B was to go through a bid process, but Exel contemplated using its relationship with liquor minister Rich Coleman to influence the writing of the request for proposals. It's plan C was to strike an alliance with or take-over Richmond's ContainerWorld, which has a business relationship with Giorgio Gori, an Exel sister company.

Much more to come. Remember, #LiquorLeaks is the #hashtag, this is the story that started it all, in the May 8 edition of Business in Vancouver and here are the new documents below.

LDB Privatization FOI-NDP

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