Monday, July 16, 2012

#LiquorLeaks wonders why Christy met Rich on a Saturday?

Below is Premier Christy Clark's agenda for December 2011.

There is only one entry on Dec. 3 for an hour-long Saturday meeting with Rich Coleman.

There is no clue about the reason for the meeting. The location was censored. We don't know if anyone else attended.

Politicians often appear at weekend community festivals and parades and fundraising banquets. But I have read enough agendas of politicians over the years to know that a weekend meeting among senior members of a provincial cabinet is out of the ordinary. Frankly, it is unusual. Especially for Clark, who has a hockey-playing son that deserves her attention on weekends.

Why is Dec. 3, 2011 an interesting date? A Cabinet Concept Paper dated Dec. 1 is about "Liquor Retail and Distribution Model Options." Then-liquor minister Shirley Bond signed the report on Dec. 5. Bond had met on Aug. 25, 2011 with Exel vice-president Scott Lyons and lobbyists, including Mark Jiles and Rob Madore, after previously telling Exel the government wasn't interested in privatization. 

The liquor portfolio has never really strayed far from Coleman, who enjoys his whiskey. It keeps finding its way back to his desk. Coleman regained the responsibility on Feb. 8, 2012. 

Then, 13 days later, the liquor logistics privatization was announced in the Feb. 21, 2012 budget. 

Almost three months after he met with Clark on the first Saturday in December, Coleman met with Dennis Chrismas of ContainerWorld and his lobbyist, Mike Bailey on the first Friday of March. ContainerWorld is the only B.C.-headquartered and owned company among the six seeking the LDB monopoly, yet it has an interesting association with Exel.

Learn more about Exel's Long March to Control B.C.'s Liquor Distribution here, from The Tyee.

Premier Christy Clark's Agenda Dec. 2011

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