Friday, September 14, 2012

B.C. Place imports director from CenturyLink

A busy Friday just got busier.

I can report that B.C. Place Stadium has a new director of engineering and maintenance, Mike McFaul.

Harvey Repp
McFaul is scheduled to begin Oct. 1 (the day after the first anniversary of B.C. Place's reopening) and is an import from Seattle's CenturyLink Field, home of the National Football League's Seahawks and Major League Soccer's Sounders. McFaul will replace Harvey Repp (right), who was supposed to sail off into the sunset (he's a recreational boater) earlier this year.

B.C. Place spokesman Duncan Blomfield said the job was advertised in unspecified stadium industry trade mags around North America. But what about complications of hiring an American to work at the taxpayer-owned, Canadian stadium?

"Regarding your question about a work visa, we cannot discuss personnel files of B.C. Place staff," Blomfield said.

As facilities director in Seattle, McFaul had experience overseeing the installation of temporary natural grass field systems in CenturyLink, formerly Qwest Field. Could that be in B.C. Place's future (as unsustainable as it may be)? McFaul was also widely cited in a thesis written by a student at Evergreen State College (home of the Geoducks!) about greenhouse gas emissions reduction at the stadium.

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