Monday, October 29, 2012

Premier's office claims no dimples & draught day records

Both Jonathan Fowlie, the Vancouver Sun's reporter at the Legislature, and I made Freedom of Information requests to find out about the investigation into the conduct of ex-Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool. Fowlie Tweeted that the government claims there are no records, because the investigation was done verbally. See the government's Oct. 29 denial letter to me below.

Boessenkool became the ex-Chief of Staff for Premier Christy Clark on Sept. 23, when he tendered his resignation. The Premier said on Sept. 24 that it was because of an "incident of concern." She made the resignation letter public. She wouldn't offer any further information, hiding behind privacy laws.

The "incident of concern" happened Sept. 7 in Victoria at a bar, after a golf tournament attended by Boessenkool, among others. Yet, the Office of the Premier claims there are no records about the day's events.

This is part of a growing trend toward the government claiming no records exist. The B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association has complained to the Information Commissioner. The big question is this: is the government hiding information or is it not documenting its business?

Boessenkool was replaced by Dan Doyle, the former highways deputy minister who was recycled from the chairmanship of BC Hydro and the executive vice-presidency of construction for VANOC. Here is Boessenkool's Feb. 10, 2012 appointment letter to the $195,148.22-a-year job. Doyle's Sept. 25 appointment letter is below. Doyle's appointment ends April 16, 2013 -- the eve of the provincial election campaign. Like Boessenkool before him, Doyle has Deputy Minister status.



Dan Doyle Appointment Letter

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