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"Copycat" Indian Oscars coming to B.C. Place

The International Indian Film Academy awards aren't coming to Vancouver in 2013, but an event that IIFA organizers deemed a "copycat" is. 
Clark and actor Anil Kapoor announcing IIFA bid in 2011.

During a November 2011 trade mission to India, Premier Christy Clark announced a bid for the 2013 edition of the IIFA awards. The event, which was referred to as the "Oscars of Indian film, was held in 2011 in Toronto at Rogers Centre. The 2013 host remains to be announced.

The Surrey Board of Trade was part of the IIFA bid. Its president, Anita Huberman, said via email on Jan. 18: "It is not going to be IIFA but something better. I am not allowed to say at this time -- but an announcement will be made on Tuesday."

UPDATE (Jan. 21): Clark will be appearing at a 10 a.m. news conference on Jan. 22 in the Vancouver Convention Centre to announce the Times of India-sponsored event in April. B.C. Place Stadium is the venue for the awards, but the news conference isn't going to be there. That's odd. Might that be so as to shield the Premier from questions about the continuing controversy over the stadium on several fronts? Such as a major lawsuit among roof contractors and the Auditor General's fact-finding exercise on the cost overruns. Meanwhile, Bollywood director Karan Johar Tweeted that he arrived in Vancouver at 7:57 p.m. 

Another source told me that B.C. Place Stadium will be the venue. With an election nearing, the government is in desperate need of propping up the taxpayer-owned stadium as a major lawsuit by roof contractors looms in October and the Office of the Auditor General examines the controversial project

Global TV reporter Jas Johal asked Clark about the show during a Jan. 16 news conference. Clark gave a vague answer, hinting an announcement was imminent, but she did not deny that taxpayers would be subsidizing the event. (Ontario taxpayers spent $12 million on hosting the IIFA in 2011.)

This, while the province's own film and TV industry is in decline and struggling workers are furiously calling for government action to match Ontario's generous tax credits after I revealed in Business in Vancouver that their industry was deliberately omitted from Clark's B.C. Jobs Plan. (An industry town hall meeting is planned for Jan. 22 at North Shore Studios.) 

IIFA organizer Wizcraft International issued the following news release on Jan. 21, to reiterate it's not coming to Vancouver in 2013: 

IIFA confirms not going to Vancouver in 2013~ 
IIFA fans react to copycat event; management responds to overwhelming number of inquiries from fans ~ 
Monday, January 21st, 2013 - The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) today confirmed that the bid from the British Columbia government on behalf of Vancouver was rejected for 2013 and the world's biggest international celebration of Indian cinema would not be held in Vancouver this year. 
IIFA shared that the dates and venue for the 2013 edition of the IIFA Weekend and Awards would be formally announced soon.

The need for the clarification was necessary following thousands of fans inquiring about the IIFA celebrations following rumors of a few copycat efforts being attempted in international markets.

Recently, IIFA received a copious number of emails and enquiries from fans in Canada and around the world for tickets to the Awards. But Wizcraft International, the organisers of the extravaganza, today confirmed that the city is out of the running for June 2013. The bidding process for the Awards is currently on with a number of countries from the Middle East, South America, Europe and Africa vying for the biggest extravaganza of Indian Cinema to come to their city. 
In 2011, IIFA successfully forayed into North America, marking its premiere in Canada, in the city of Toronto. There has since been keen interest from the country to play host once more in 2013, with Christy Clark, the Premier of British Columbia formally extending an invitation to Wizcraft International Entertainment, the initiators of the unique IIFA Celebrations, to hold its 14th edition in Vancouver.

Embarking on its 14th year, Sabbas Joseph, Director, IIFA & Wizcraft International said, “We are truly excited about the bids we have received from various countries. The decision is subject to many contributing factors that are required of a host destination in terms of support-initiatives for Hindi cinema production, funding and distribution; event-funding, support, facilitation, and infrastructure. We are committed to the film Industry and hosting an IIFA in any destination must meet the larger interests of Indian Cinema and a spectacular-staging of the annual celebration.” 
Over the years, IIFA has emerged as the most prestigious platform recognizing excellence in the Indian film industry. The biggest names of Indian cinema congregate at the IIFA Weekend and Awards to celebrate the best contribution made to the world of films in the previous year. IIFA is a global platform that gives the Indian film fraternity an opportunity to reach audiences in international territories and is among the most-watched global events with an audience of over 800 million, annually. A number of destinations have played host including London, Yorkshire, Johannesburg, Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bangkok, Colombo and Macau. 
 About IIFA 
Conceptualized and produced by Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and supported by the key members of the Indian film fraternity, IIFA is the most appreciated South Asian film academy. Also, the IIFA Awards is India's biggest media event. With a viewership of almost 800 million, it is among the world's most-watched annual entertainment events. From a one night celebration in 2000 at the Millennium Dome, London, the last thirteen years have seen the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) movement grow into a packed weekend of film-festivals, workshops, exhibitions, film-showcases, a global business forum and sporting events, all of which climax into the highlight of the Weekend, the IIFA Awards. 
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Guy Chua said...

" During a November 2011 trade mission to India " This is not the first time that Christy's trip has proven to be nothing more than trying to please the East Indian community. Shortly after that trip, interviews with some of the companies said those announcements would have happened without the trip to India. Others said those plans were in the works for some time. What a waste of money. Any idea what this next vote buying event will cost us ?

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