Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There's #IdleNoMore and now #IdaKnowMore

When British Columbia Premier Christy Clark shuffled her cabinet on Sept. 5, 2012, Mary Polak was gone from Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation and into Transport and Infrastructure.

Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Ida Chong became the new Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Minister.

Whenever this happens, staff prepare "briefing books" to get the new minister up to speed on the people, finances and issues faced by the ministry and its agencies.

At the bottom of this post is the first phase of a Freedom of Information release of the briefing book prepared for Chong by the Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Ministry. I call the document "Ida Know More."

The document also contained a map showing the locations of British Columbia's First Nations (almost all of whom have outstanding land claims but no treaties), and a First Nations pronunciation guide, which includes such tongue-twisters as Anderson Lake (An-der-son Lake) and Peters (Pete-rs).


Unknown said...

Leaving aside the cover pages and indices, Mary Polak manages to get her photo on over thirty percent of the pages in the service plan and report. That's bullshit. (BULL-shit).

Anonymous said...

This is part of a briefing book??? They can't just give her a link to the page on the public ARR website? If that's the main part of what the Minister gets for her briefing, we're in bigger trouble than I thought. I hope the rest of the FOI response offers something of relevance.

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