Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The blunt truth about Michael Phelps

Bing-bong the Phelps is gone... from the schedule of the Power Within motivational speakapaloozas in Calgary and Vancouver.
The Peking Phish, Michael Phelps, was struck from the bill for the March 3 and 6 events.
Toronto-based Power Within cited the phamous photo of Phelps using a marijuana bong for the cancelation. Phelps won eight swimming gold medals during his record-breaking Water Cube performance last summer. Now he's dealing with the Water Tube.
Could the cancelation almost two weeks before the speaking engagements be really about slow ticket sales? Or might there be a worry about Phelps -- who has not been charged with any crime -- crossing the border?
In unrelated news, a very different Michael Phelps remains on the board of directors for Vancouver 2010. This one's a lawyer and industrialist who was appointed by the Canadian Olympic Committee.

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