Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VANOC transportation plan -- delayed again

Way back in 2006, then-VANOC vice-president of transportation and logistics Wayne Keiser told me to expect the first draft of the VANOC transportation plan by the end of 2007.
Keiser was replaced by Irene Kerr who reports to executive vice-president of service operations Terry Wright.
More than a year has passed since that original deadline. Feb. 26 was pencilled in as a provisional date for the release. VANOC will instead tell Canadians how they an become extras for the opening and closing ceremonies.
The new date? A well-placed source tells me to mark March 11 on the calendar.
That's when the rubber hits the road and the excrement hits the fan. Vancouverites will not be amused by the road, bridge and lane closures. Some thoroughfares will be no-go during the Olympics and Paralympics. Others will be subject to scheduled closures and restrictions.
Vancouver's plan has been formulated by a secretive Olympic and Paralympic Transport Team.
By comparison, London 2012 issued public calls for comment in fall 2006 and fall 2008 on transportation planning drafts.
When I attended Beijing 2008's first world press briefing in September 2006, a first draft of the transportation plan was already published.
Vancouver 2010: With Glowing Hearts... and car-spangled spanners.

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