Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who needs Cirque du Soleil when B.C. Place has it all?

Premier Gordon Campbell wants us all to think that British Columbia is the Best Place on Earth.
If so, then he probably wants us to believe that B.C. Place Stadium is the Best Place in the Best Place on Earth.
After all, it's where the 2010 Winter Olympics will open (and close) next February. Campbell hopes to win the May 12 provincial election so he can be seen on global TV (as opposed to just Global TV), enjoying Gordo's Games.
However, the circus under the big top continues. On Tuesday I revealed the latest foibles in the troubled system that keeps the fabric roof aloft. Yeah, that's the same roof that ripped and collapsed under the weight of heavy, wet snow on Jan. 5, 2007. Right around the time Canada was winning the world junior hockey championship, live on TSN.
The latest incident could be the most worrisome. There are 16 fans that generate the air to inflate the roof. As many as three are needed while renovations are ongoing. One was off for maintenance on Feb. 18. One exploded, according to a source. Hours before the home show opened. Hours after a tour group got to see the jet engine fans.
I have confirmed seven incidents in recent months of rapid drops in air pressure and/or troubles with the heating/snowmelting system. All of this will be removed by 2011 when a new retractable roof will transform the skyline and give the stadium another quarter-century and then some.
Until then, it'll be a source of nervous finger-crossing and nail-biting.

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