Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kodak moments live on for VANOC

The International Skating Union's Four Continents Championship -- the "everyone's welcome except Europeans" meet -- begins Wednesday at the Pacific Coliseum. The 41-year-old Rink on Renfrew is dolled up, Olympic-style, with fences and banners for the first, full-scale test event before the 2010 Games.
The accreditation centre features Ricoh printers and Acer computers. Both companies are VANOC sponsors. But what about the Kodak digital cameras? Didn't Panasonic take over that category last month after Kodak's deal with the IOC expired? Didn't Purolator deliver the Lumixes on time? Quick, get the black hockey tape to cover the logos!
Kodak was an original Olympic sponsor, dating back to the first modern Games at Athens 1896.

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