Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1-year countdown climaxes at the Beetle Barn

The provincial government-produced Countdown 2010 announcement is 5-6 p.m. Thursday at the Richmond Olympic Oval. By invitation only. Taxpayers not welcome.
Premier Gordon Campbell will, however, welcome IOC president Jacques Rogge to the 2010 Games' two-month-old showcase venue. Rogge will issue his customary invitation to the world's national Olympic committees and the athletes they represent to gather in peace one year later in Vancouver for the XXI Olympic Winter Games. British Columbia will host the world and the WorldHost program will be reactivated.
The Oval is a lovely building in a municipality known for airplane hangars, big box stores and warehouses. Big windows. Nice ice. Pleasant location by the riverside. Under the Vancouver International Airport's flight path.
That said, the Bird's Nest or Water Cube it is not. Because of the salvaged wood used in the roof, it could be called the Beetle Barn.

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