Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of A-Roid and the Peking Phish

The two most-talked about (United States of) American athletes this week are Alex ("A-Roid") Rodriguez and Michael ("The Peking Phish") Phelps.
Stick a fork in Roidriguez and thow him on the scrap heap with Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and Jose Canseco. A disgrace. Will the last sponsor to cancel his endorsements please turn out the lights? Will baseball ever be allowed back in the Olympics?
Phelps, who has a March 6 speaking engagement in Vancouver, has lost his Kellogg's cereal deal after the infamous bong photograph.
Now marijuana legalization activists are taking up the cause. Some 2,300 and counting signed an online petition condemning the cereal company. You can bet there were 10,000 others that haven't gotten around to adding their names.
Ex-Seattle police chief Norm Stamper, a drug law reform advocate, added his name to the boycott.
The pro-pot lobby. In a recession, that's not a market segment that a packaged goods snack company should alienate.

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