Friday, July 15, 2011

Riot 2011: Clueless in Victoria (and Vancouver-Point Grey)?

Premier Christy Clark has been called many things.

"Cluck-Cluck" for avoiding all-candidates meetings and a debate with NDP challenger David Eby during the campaign for the May 11 by-election. She even turned down an offer of airtime on CKNW, her former employer, to question and be questioned by her Vancouver-Point Grey competitors.

"Choo-Choo" for her undeniable connections to the biggest case of government corruption in British Columbia history, BC Railscam. (Her husband-at-the-time and brother were both involved, although not criminally, and there is evidence that appears to show she leaked confidential cabinet information about the sale of major taxpayer-owned assets while she was a member of cabinet!)

"Jersey Girl" because of that famous Province front page of her in a Canucks' jersey and her appearances while wearing the blue, white and green of the National Hockey League franchise owned by campaign donor Francesco Aquilini (who gave her free tickets to Game 7 of the final).

Now she can be called "Clueless Clark."

I thought it would be reasonable for the top elected official in the province to have some immediate curiosity about the worst case of public disorder in the province she governs since 1994. Surely her staff would have provided her an urgent report about implications of the riot to the provincial government, which regulates policing and liquor distribution. Surely she would have been provided information about what went on that night from a public safety standpoint. Evidently not, according to the reply below from her office.

This may answer why she ordered the Doug Keefe/John Furlong riot review.

Riot 2011: Clueless in Victoria (and Vancouver-Point Grey)?

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Not Kidding said...

Any school child (or agency staffer) knows SOMETHING should have been prepped for the Premier and the gormless Minister (a useless retread from the Campbell era if ever there was one).

What the hell are all those former journalists in her office doing? Besides aiding and abetting the spin?

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