Monday, May 18, 2009

Behold, the B.C. Place Stadium Olympic cauldron hatch?

Workers at B.C. Place Stadium -- Vancouver's Olympic stadium for the 2010 Winter Games -- dug a pit in the concrete floor at the centre of the building. A source inside the stadium tells me it's about 20-feet deep with pistons inside so as to lift a small platform.

Could this be the key to solving the riddle of the keeping the Olympic flame under the air-supported dome? Could this be the site of the cauldron devised by Bombardier's clever aerospace and rail engineers?

One of the few elements that ceremonies executive producer David Atkins has confirmed is the substantial inclusion of Canadian aboriginal creativity. The potlatch is the traditional Coast Salish ceremonial feast. Four Host First Nations CEO Tewanee Joseph has often described the 2010 Games as the "world's biggest potlatch." Then, by extension, B.C. Place Stadium would be the world's biggest longhouse.

Could this hatch really be inspired by a longhouse fire pit? Could the Olympic flame glow, at the heart of B.C. Place, from Feb. 12-28, 2010?

Click on the photos I shot May 13 from the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame window that looks into the stadium. What do you think?

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