Monday, May 18, 2009

RCMP's Olympic logistics centre on False Creek flats

The Commercial Drive crowd won't like this.

The Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit's logistics operations support centre will be a short drive from the free-thinking and left-leaning Drive where anti-2010 graffiti and vandalism is not uncommon. The address, included in a request for proposals issued May 15 for rental, installation and removal of shelving and racking, is building #3, 577 Great Northern Way in Vancouver.

The shelves, by the way, must be no higher than eight feet from the floor, and "the system shall be of sturdy, heavy duty construction with a load capacity of 3300 lbs. per bay and a minimum shelf capacity of 330 lbs. UDL. Shelves and uprights shall be constructed of high quality, bright galvanized steel."

The RFP does not say what the shelves will hold. Bids are due May 28. Installation needed by June 15.

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