Friday, May 22, 2009

Crash pad yes, flop house no

Gotta love VANOC. Its communications department has an irrational fear of giving direct answers in a timely manner to direct questions offered by journalists. Click here for one such case.

Evidently it also doesn't want to give potential bidders the direct link to a notice about a contract advertised May 22.

A news release mentions a request for proposals posted on the BC Bid provincial procurement website. Once an interested party actually finds the VANOC listing, the viewer must click a link which winds up on the VANOC website.

As a public service, here is the document.

It says temporary accommodation is needed at two sites from Nov. 15, 2009-March 15, 2010. The first location will be used for the entire period and must hold 100 guests. The second location is for 200 to 300 guests during early January to the end of February. It's supposed to be for last-minute Games-goers who have nowhere else to sleep and shower.

Deadline to respond is June 22 with the winners notified June 26 and a contract finalized July 22.

There's a catch. VANOC is providing the winning bidder only $250,000 for equipment and operations.

"Costs not offset by this contribution must be covered by the fee charged to guests and by goods and services received as value in kind," the document said. "Guests will be charged a modest fee to offset the costs of the operation."

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