Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kinsella client poised for liquor loot

Since at least 2006, B.C. Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella's Progressive Group has lobbied the British Columbia government on behalf of a giant distribution and warehousing firm.

The registration for 2010-2013 shows the goal of Exel Logistics is a contract to privatize B.C.'s liquor distribution. The government announced Feb. 21 that it was seeking tenders. Kinsella was the mastermind of Gordon Campbell's 2001 and 2005 election wins and ran Premier Christy Clark's 2011 leadership campaign.

Kinsella helped enable Accenture's 10-year, $1.45 billion deal to outsource key parts of BC Hydro's administration. B.C. Supreme Court evidence showed he was advising BC Rail and CN Rail in 2003 when CN Rail took over BC Rail. The corrupt tendering process led to the famous police raid on the Legislature and B.C. Supreme Court trial that ended in 2010 guilty pleas by David Basi and Bob Virk. The NDP has promised a public inquiry into the BC Rail sale.

Exel Logistics - Lobbyists Registry

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